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11. A Rule Against Murder - Louise Penny

Fourth book in the Armand Gamache Three Pines series, finally a murder happens in Quebec that isn’t in the tiny village of Three Pines. I was beginning to wonder….

Armand and his wife Reine-Marie are on vacation at a lodge hidden deep in the Quebec woods on a pretty lake.  They go there every year for a few weeks, and this time they are there to celebrate their anniversary.

A wildly eccentric extended family arrives and under Armand’s nose, one of them is killed.

As usual the mystery and the killer are relatively minor factors in the book, the focus being on the psychology, the links, and the philosophy of the characters, Armand front and center.

I enjoy the series but am not a rabid fan as some folks I know are. They’re interesting and a little bit different in focus so I’ll keep reading them.