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12. Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

Parzival is the avatar for a young high school student. His life is a misery (as are so many others) and like so many others is ‘real’ life is in the OASIS, an online immersive world. When the creator of that world dies, his avatar announces that he’s leaving his unbelievable fortune to whoever can find three keys and the three gates they open.

Five years goes by with millions of kids trying to solve the first clue, in competition with a massive real life organization who wants to win the contest and take control of OASIS and start charging everyone to log on which would make kids like Parzival be unable to access the game.

Then Parzival has a breakthrough. He solves the first clue and suddenly he isn’t only competing for the prize, but fighting for his life against a corporation that will stop at nothing to win the contest.

A great fun read, lots of 80s nostalgia.  Not just gamer nostalgia but music, TV series, movies and books as well.