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13. In the Bleak Midwinter–Julia Spencer-Fleming

First in a series, Claire is an Episcopal priest, Russ is the chief of police of an upstate New York small town. When a baby is left on the steps of Claire’s church, she helps the police track down who the baby’s mother is. But then murder raises its ugly head and Claire keeps finding herself having to support affected parishioners as well as helping the police with their inquiries.

I liked the set up. Claire is a brave, determined and smart woman. Russ is a police officer who is willing to listen to Claire’s input and act on it when he thinks it merits consideration.

However, there are a couple of REALLY DUMB THINGs that happen in the book, mostly done by the supposedly intelligent Claire that really pissed me off.

Also, I’d solved the mystery by about Chapter 2.

But I enjoyed the setting and the personalities so I’ll probably try at least one more in this series.