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The Bayou

Is waking up to spring.

Martins. This year we have Martins!!! For the last two years there were no
purple martins nesting on the bayou at all. Even though we had many gourds up
for them, even though we'd had them for years regularly, suddenly there were
none. You could hear them and see them in the sky, but none were nesting on
our bayou.

Well, along came Hurricane Ivan which wiped out a lot of things, and nearly all
the gourds for the martins. As some might know, they like the gourds high up
in the air, with unrestricted air space for crash landings. Well, most of the
high poles got flattened by the hurricane. We lost most of our gourds but the
four on the lowest level of the pole somehow survived. And we, like most of our
neighbours, hadn't really focused on replacing the ones lost.

But despite that, we now have all four gourds in use. Wooo Hooo!

Also, we seem to have, alternately, a brown pelican or a cormorant taking up
sentry duty on one of our pilings. It is the highest of them and the furthest
one out into the bayou, so it gives them a fairly good view of the water so
they can search for bait fish.

Other than that, been busy planting flowers and trying to get the yard back
together again. Verbena, trailing petunias, trailing impatiens, million bells,
and a couple of roses later, it's looking fairly good.

We also mutilated our live oak tree so we can see off the upstairs porch and so
the neighbour can see above the lower branches. Hope it does okay.

Having power re-run to the dock, working on a place where water is getting into
the downstairs, and still replacing the steps to the upper dock. Other than
that, we're just enjoying the spring.