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19. The Gauguin Connection–Estelle Ryan

I particularly love two kinds of ‘thrillers’.  Those about chasing down archaeological artifacts (on Earth or elsewhere) and art heist/forgery. Perhaps I watched the Thomas Crown Affair too many times, but I do love art thieves and forgers, probably because of necessity they have to be pretty educated and the crime is generally more about putting something over on others rather than just an attempt to gain filthy lucre

At any rate, I did love this book. And the main character, a high-function autistic woman, is terrific. She’s smart, she has her life organized and feels fulfilled. She has a job reading people for a high priced insurance company who mainly insures art.

She reads people’s expressions and body language in order to tell if people are lying or to understand how they are interacting, if they are hostile to one another, or are cooperating.

She’s asked by law enforcement and her boss to help when an artist is found murdered by a weapon that was stolen from a European law enforcement agency.

Then the thief, throwing her well structured and safe life into a tailspin, breaks into her house and asks her to help him stop more artists/forgers from dying.

I can’t wait to get to the next book in this series.