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39. In the Garden of Iden by Kage Baker

First in the time travel series The Company, a wildly imaginative world where time travelers from the future create ‘immortals’ who then work for The Company collecting data, things, plants etc from the past to improve the lives of the people of the future.

They can only change children into immortals though, so they select children at risk to recruit to their purpose. Mendoza, a young child the Spanish Inquisition has locked in its dungeons is thusly recruited.

She grows up in a Company compound and the Garden of Iden is her first assignment.

It had a bit more romance than I like, but I did enjoy the story and especially the world-building.  I’ll read more of the series.


I adore Kage Baker, but may be a bit of an unusual fan of hers in that this is my favorite of all the Company books (for what are probably fairly idiosyncratic reasons). I think you've got a fun ride ahead if you keep reading. I won't say any more because I'll start burbling about all my thoughts on the series!
LOL. Good to hear that!