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116. Burn Me Deadly- Alex Bledsoe

I was too old to keep having ephiphanies.

But the advantage to my plan was that, for the most part, all I had to do was wait. Since there was no way to get around this animal, it seemed an especially good plan.

Eddie LaCrosse is a sword-jockey, as he calls himself. He's a bit past his prime, has an, ahem, colorful background, and is therefore smart- most of the time- and has no illusions.

So when a girl who'd obviously been beaten and tortured runs into him on the road, he's a bit less than enthusiastic to help her. But, well, what the hell, he doesn't have anything else on at the moment.

Well, that's when things start going pear-shaped.

Second in the series, Burn me Deadly is a fun read, with a reluctant hero, some intriguing pals, and a chase that keeps you guessing throughout.

I look forward to reading more of Eddie, Liz and Little Blackie.