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North Carolina and Cape Hatteras

We are currently visiting Jim’s family in NC, about an hour and a half inland from the Cape.

History Note:

On 26 August, 1978 Jim and I got married at the Cape. Hatteras Light was on the beach near the point then, before they moved it to save it from beach erosion.

We wore shorts and tee shirts, and had to transport the lady reverend and the folks who’d come to see us tie the knot, in 4 wheel drives to reach the point.  We got married at Sundown.

I wouldn’t let Jim hold a surf rod during the ceremony though.  I know mean of me….

Our wedding supper was at KFC because it was the only restaurant open nearby.  We had to carry in the booze, because Dare County was dry.


Awe! So sweet! And thank you for the pics! You are such a great picture taker!
Awww. Thanks for the kindly comment. :)