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5. Thieftaker – D.B. Jackson

Genre: Alternate History

Rating: Interesting!

We’re in 1765 Boston, where Sam Adams and his buddies are beginning to stir up Boston against the Crown and its taxes. During a night where the rabble attack and break into three houses of prominent Bostonians, a girl is found dead, with no apparent wound on her.

It turns out the girl is from another prominent Boston family and so Ethan Kaille, a thieftaker, a conjuror, and a convicted felon, is called in to search for a valuable brooch she was wearing, and if he can, to find out who killed her.

I thought the setting was drawn very well, the miseries of the poor in Boston and the relatively easy life of the wealthy made all too clear. The magical system was intriguing.  Ethan, who’d nearly been hung as a witch, but had been instead sent to Barbados to work in the sugar cane fields, is hiding in plain sight. People ‘know’ he’s a conjuror/witch, but mostly because he’s been no threat, they leave him alone. But when he’s employed by a wealthy merchant to find out about the merchant’s daughter, that draws way too much attention to Ethan and he finds himself up against not only the only other thieftaker in Boston, but also up against a conjuror far stronger than he.

I’ll definitely be continuing this series.