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15. The Iron Jackal – Chris Wooding

Genre: Steampunk, SFF

Rating:  Very Good

Third episode in the Tales of the Ketty Jay series, our ‘heroes’ are feeling pretty smug. For a change, things are going fairly well. That is, until Frey decides to do a train job. From their things definitely get buggered.

Pirates, thieves, outcasts, former slaves, and a demonologist on the run make up the crew of the Ketty Jay. Lots of shades of Firefly in many parts, particularly The Train Job!

I love the characters. Everyone is a mess, and doing their best to make do with what they are, and somehow remain part of a crew.

Frey, leader of the crew, is shallow, narcissistic, and knows it. But for the first time in his life, he’s beginning to actually feel responsible for his crew and aware of his limitations. And is trying to do better.  We’ll see if he can manage it!