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16. Waystation–Clifford Simak

Genre: Science Fiction

Rating: Quite Good

Originally published in 1963.  Hugo Award winner and deservedly so.

Enoch is a quiet man. He keeps to himself and gives his neighbors no reason to be upset with him. He has little to do with anyone other than getting his mail and buying supplies now and again.

The neighbors do notice, however, that he has lived far longer than is normal, but well, he’s no trouble and nice enough so no one wants to make waves about weird goings on.

No one guesses that this quiet man is keeper of an intergalactic way station where aliens arrive most days, say awhile to rest, then continue on their light year journeys.  Until, that is, a deaf mute girl local girl seeks his help from her abusive family. 

The rest, as they say, is history.

Told in a very quiet, simple way, with an intriguing premise and interesting characters.