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Jim is having a fabulous weekend. Friday and Saturday he went fishing and they were catching redfish. Of course you can only keep one red per fisherperson and it has to be in the slot limit. Still he and his buds brought home one apiece both days. Today they were frustrated because they kept catching them and having to throw them back, and worse, they kept catching speckled trout that were too big to keep, too. So after fishing like crazy they came home with four trout and the two redfish. But they are pretty gorgeous fish anyway.

We are lab camping this weekend, with our friend Scott's dog here to play with ours. The dogs are now sprawled out exhausted from swimming both today and yesterday. The alligator who had been in the bayou appears to have been nabbed by the approved gator hunter, as no one has seen him since the guy was in the bayou.

The weather has been gorgeous if a bit hot. Still, late this afternoon it was great sitting out there with a nice breeze and the temps not too bad. Boats of course are plying the waterways like crazy since it is the holiday weekend. Ah well.

Other than that, all is well on the bayou.

See the fishing report for the details on the catch.


On a sad note, a good friend of ours of many years was stabbed Thursday night. He is in ICU and in stable condition. Kind thoughts for Tom appreciated.