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28. The Alehouse Murders–Maureen Ash

Genre: Historical Mystery

Rating: Pretty Good for the Start of a Series

Bascot de Marins is a Knight Templar, returned from the Crusades, having been held captive and then served as a slave until he’d escaped. His faith has flagged and he’s taken leave of the Templars. He’s unsure what his future path is.

The Templars arrange for him to recover his health at the Castle of Lincoln. While there, three people are found murdered at the local Alehouse. The chatelaine of the castle asks de Marin to look into the deaths and discover what he can of them.

Quite interesting setting and seems quite well researched. But there are a few places where I felt modern ideas intruded into the atmosphere that bothered me a bit.

The mystery was pretty complex and I was unsure of the identity of the murderer until quite near the end, which is a surprise for me.