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Doctor Who

Major bitching going on here. Still no US broadcaster announced.  The bloody first series is over, BBC has ordered series two and three and nobody in the US has picked this up.

I know, I know.  I shouldn't be surprised. After all, it isn't all about US!


That's why you need to move north so you can watch the Canadian airwaves. I got to see all of my Doctor Who on broadcast, though I had hella snow in the picture. I'd love to see it clearly (aka I wanna DVD! Or at least a pirated disc. Sigh.) and it would be lovely if some US station did pick up rights -- but I am not holding my breath.
Due to the wonders of the internet I've seen every episode. Have copies of them too. But I'd far rather the SciFi or BBCA channel broadcast them for those who dont know how to do those things.

Geez, they're great too, aren't they? That's what really pisses me off. They're great and no one picks them up because they aren't USian centric


Fellow Whovian!

Thank goodness you have seen them ... otherwise I was going to have to do something terribly illegal *innocent look*

I am very peeved that Chris Eccleston (aka "T'Northerner" at our house) has only done the single series though. Very enjoyable to watch ...

Curious Wolf