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Hurricane Blogging

I am back from Georgia where I passed off the MIL to the SsIL.  Traffic getting there was .... interesting.  North bound hurricane evacuation routes were moving when we left here yesterday afternoon, but every gas station had lines out into the street which made driving problematic since you couldn't see those attempting to drive through the congestion.

I10 was moving for the most part, at times we were driving at 90 MPH.  If you wanted to stay in the passing lane just go with the flow.  In the right hand lane were a lot of campers, folks towing boats or extra cars or whatever and if you got behind one of them you were stuck there for many miles hoping to get a break to get back into the passing lane.

The major bottleneck, as has always been the case in Florida section of I10 was Tallahassee.  I10 goes pretty much right through the city and it is the only major city (Jacksonville is much bigger but is at the junction of I10 and I95 and Pensacola is big too but we weren't going that way, and I hear it was a real mess in both Pensacola and Mobile, AL.

We had essentially no rain to drive through either going or coming home.

I got home about noon local time and it was beautiful. The roads that had been congested yesterday were pretty much empty at noon.  I guess everyone who was gettin' out of Dodge had done got.

I filled up gas in Tallahassee afraid I would have trouble using a gas station closer to here. I was right. You could see huge lines at the stations near the I10 exits.

I got home with a half tank of gas and for my car that's a lot.

Our first feeder band of heavy rain hit about an hour after I got home.

We are holed up in the downstairs guest quarters. Brought all our stuff down and will camp here until the storm is gone. Upstairs is far more dangerous and a whole helluva lot noiser.

The two dogs who are terrified of storms are very upset already.  Sigh. Poor things.

Jim had pulled the boat before I got home so I'm glad of that as it was a major worry during Ivan.  We've moved most of the plants up, Jim is taking up every other board on the decking hoping to avoid it all getting demolished again. He's debating about taking down the fence but if he does every loose board and pulled up pilings will be hitting into our walkways so he's rethinking that. 

On the up side, no tree to worry about going down this time. Sigh...

Anyway, will update as I have any info to add.



Fingers crossed this one will pass you by. Pats to the dogs and hugs to you and yours. Lindley (Mrs. Merdle on the piffle list)
Thanks for the kind thoughts, Lindley. So far so good.